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A Revolution In Green Advanced Materials

We Developed A Green Nanofiber Technology That No One Else Could

The New Standard In Nanofiber

Engineered From Success

First Tyvek® To Protect Buildings

The core technology behind Verdex was developed 11 years ago by our founder and Chief Scientist Dr Larry Marshall, PhD, a retired DuPont Research Fellow. Dr. Marshall was the principal inventor and developer of DuPont’s world-famous Tyvek® material.

Now VerdexTech® To Protect People 

Dr. Marshall first invented a revolutionary technology in Tyvek® that revolutionized the way buildings breathe during the construction process. Not content with his legendary legacy tied to keeping buildings healthy, he took what he learned from inventing Tyvek®, and transferred his knowledge to developing The Verdex Process®. Dr. Marshalls Verdex Process® has revolutionized the nanofiber market. 


Dr. Larry Marshall


Products & Processes Not Currently Replicable With Existing Technology

We are constantly engaged in research and development to push our products and processes further and keep them ahead of the market. We continually innovate, but not just to be different. Every new idea exists to pursue an unmet need in our existing or adjacent markets, and increase the capabilities of the markets and customers we serve


Patented First In Class Filtration

Verdex has been granted a patent for its novel Two Phase® nanofiber fabrication method capable of producing a wide range of polymeric non-woven materials using a solvent-free, high throughput process.  US8668854.

Verdex has also been granted a patent for a unique Coform® process whereby nanofibers can be impregnated with nanoparticles providing unique functionalities such as super-absorbency of liquids, anti-bacterial properties, electrical or heat conductivity or resistance to chemicals.  US8808594.


Additionally, Verdex has several patents pending and will be filing further related patents in the coming months.

Find Out How Verdex® Can Change Your Industry

Draw on our deep technical experience to guide you through your challenge. 

We’re part of your community, helping people and businesses around the world solve tough challenges.

We’re Ready To Help You.

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