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Functionalization Change's Everything

The ability to add functionalized particles to our nanofiber process means disruption for your industry


Inclusion of Functionalized Particles

  • Verdex technology allows particles to be combined during spinning

  • Particles are incorporated uniformly and embedded into the matrix such that virtually none of the particles are lost to the environment

Molecular separation (capture) can be accomplished by use of:

  • Activated Carbon – Cabin Air, Drinking Water

  • Citric Acid – Cleating Agents for capturing metal ions

  • Zeolite – Ammonium, Potassium, Calcium and Manganese capture

  • Ion Exchange (e.g. polystyrene sulfonate) Water softening and Purification, Typically used with Desalination

Antimicrobials/ Antifungal

  • Silver Compounds

  • Quaternary Silanes

  • Copper Compounds

Products Currently Being Developed Using Functionalized Nanofibers

  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters based on homogeneous coform layer of dual distribution fibers.

  • High purity molecular filters using ultrafine activated carbon particles immobilized in 3D matrix of nanofibers

  • Ultrathin fluid absorbent materials using Super Absorbent Particles within hydrophilic coated polymeric nanofibers

Find Out How Verdex® Functionalization Can Change Your Industry

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