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VerdexAir® Means A Healthy Workforce

We provide VerdexAir® solutions for every space: from hospitals, schools, planes, cruise ships, and gymnasia, to hospitality venues, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets.

VerdexAir® for Healthy Industry

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VerdexAir® for Indoor Industries

The air quality within buildings can and will ultimately have a direct impact on people´s wellbeing, mood, health and performance. Regardless of their shape, form or use, commercial buildings all share at least the fact that a number of people enter and leave these frequently every day all day. While coming and going, they themselves become sources of air pollution. Their hair, skin, clothing and exhalation are all contributing to compromised indoor air quality.

Open doors or windows are the perfect opportunity for harmful pollutants, such as fine dust, exhaust gases from heavy traffic, nitrogene dioxide (NO2), ozone, pollen to enter your indoor environment and harm people inside.

This is why effective air filtration solutions are needed as an active defense against harmful airborne contaminants. Especially for Facility Managers, professional air filtration solutions that best meet the sweet spot between air filtration efficiency and energy efficiency, are crucial to their success and the maximization of their facility management contracts´ value. Besides a minimization of costs, e.g. for filter equipment, facility managers still need to make sure they operate buildings safely.

VerdexAir® offers a full range of HEPA level HVAC filters to keep people inside of buildings safe while making sure to have the best possible impact on a buildings total cost of ownership.

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Find Out How Upgrading to VerdexAir® Can Help Your Industry

Draw on our deep technical experience to guide you through filter retrofits. 

We’re part of your community, helping people and businesses around the world to breathe Healthy Air.

We’re Ready To Help You.

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